Marketing Strategy


Go-to-Market Planning
Strategic Planning
Route-to-Market Analysis
Competitive Analysis
Positioning & Messaging

GS visual can help your business with its most pressing strategic problems. New business entry or expansion, product introduction and launches, positioning, competitive analysis, route-to-market analysis and expansion, value proposition creation, messaging, campaign creation and demand generation programs.

Go-to-Market and Strategic Planning

Too often, businesses come up with a “product” without knowing what problem it really solves for customers. Even more critical is determining who the buyer really is – where they are, how many of them there are and whether they will pay money for what you have. We focus on establishing the buying center, determining whether a working business model exists and how to bring that solution to market.

Business Problem Solving

Some professionals just want to talk through their business issues — to find a sounding board to test their assumptions.  And most find the immediate vicinity of their existing business environment to be too intimidating to break things down in a rudimentary fashion. We offer you a “safe zone” where your ideas are all welcome and we help you shape them into real business success.

GS visual’s seasoned business staff can be your litmus test for your most “audacious” business ideas. A series of conversations, taken one step at a time, to allow for new approaches and evaluation of the challenges at hand.

Positioning and Messaging

You can have the greatest product or service in the world, but if the right audience doesn’t receive the right message about it in the right way, it may as well be a rubber spoon in a woodcarving contest.

A smaller, less budgeted company cannot gain ground on the Xerox’s and Googles of the world who are already completely dominant in their market. Competing with them head on is a modern day Don Quixote act. But… while you can’t charge straight through them, very often, there are ways to wiggle around them instead to claim your own market share and then grow it from there. GS visual will not only analyze your product or service and how it’s been presented, but also your competitors’ to find out what they’re doing right, what they’re doing wrong and find those untapped, golden nuggets of unclaimed territory in your market.