Print Design

Components of Print Design

Logos, Business Cards, Letterhead, Envelopes
Brochures, Catalogs, Ads, Posters, Package Design, POP Displays, Flyers
Newsletters, Media Kits, Annual Reports, Folders, Postcards, Menus
Trade Show Displays & Booths, Signage
Corporate Promotional Products, Premium Items, Branded T-Shirt & Apparel
Copywriting, Photography

Logos, Branding, Corporate Identity

A logo is a recognizable icon that communicates the identity of your company or product. Crucial to a strong corporate identity, the logo is the primary building block that an entire branding concept is built around. Your logo tells consumers who you are, what you represent and gives them a memorable visual that they can always attach directly to you. Yes, a picture is worth a thousand words… but a logo, if handled right, can be worth millions. So never cheat yourself by settling for a low end, ineffective logo.

Your corporate identity is launched directly from your logo. It is a comprehensive design scheme that is consistently executed across all platforms of your company’s marketing material. Corporate identity works in tandem with your logo to reinforce and support a consistent, recognizable look for your company.

Your business cards and stationery (letterhead, envelopes, fax sheets, etc) are the most basic components of company collateral that are used to communicate your corporate identity and it all extends from there into your websites, ads, brochures, catalogs, trade booths, television and on and on. Whatever avenue you use to promote and expose your business, your corporate identity will be the common thread throughout.


Online or offline, catalogs feature information and imagery about your company’s products. At GS visual, our Orange County graphic design studio will produce a catalog that is custom-marketed specifically to your target audience. Most importantly, your catalog will not only look great, it will be well-organized, easy to understand and communicate your message and important product information in a way that is clear and easy for the reader to navigate.


Brochures are an excellent, quick-reference way for a consumer to get a solid overview of information on your company, product, or service. Some brochures can handle more detailed information than others depending on the nature and scope of what you’re marketing. If you are featuring a compact range of product x, a brochure can hold all the information you need to fully pitch your wares. If you’re marketing an extensive line of product y, a brochure would be more of a general enticement to get your consumer intrigued enough to come find out more. In such a case where more detail than that is needed in your collateral piece, you’re better off going with a full catalog that provides the extra real estate needed to organize all the information you require.

GS visual has been helping clients in southern California for almost 2 decades in graphic design and finding the best brochure format options available in which to organize and present company information to your target audience. All in a way that will have the most profitable impact for you.


Ads within publications such as magazines and newspapers, or the internet, have to attract the attention of a reader who isn’t there because he or she wants to be reading ads. It has to be engaging enough that they choose to put off what they’re really there for and make a conscious choice to read about what you’re selling. Visually appealing ads aren’t enough. What good is it if they stop to appreciate the pretty picture but leave having no impression of what the ad was selling? The message has to speak out louder and more effectively than the din within which it is buried. Los Angeles and southern CA is a walking, breathing overload of information and our graphic design team knows how to break through it. We will bring attention from your target demographic while staying true to your company’s branding style.


A highly effective attention-grabber advertising your products and services. Simple and inexpensive, flyers get to the point and are distributed right where you want them… straight into your consumer’s hands.


Online or print, a newsletter details the news and services of your company. They are an excellent way to inform clients about events or special promotions you might have. E-newsletters are a cost-effective marketing tool and eco-friendly.

Media Kits

Media kits are a great leave-behind for that big meeting. Let that good impression linger and give your prospective client something that will keep that impression fresh. Media kits can include: press releases, CDs, fact sheets, brochures, postcards, or anything else which is pertinent to your company that you want to keep at your client’s fingertips. A well-designed package of information with graphics customized to fit your brand.

Trade Show Booths and Displays

This is your complete brand presentation on a large scale. A 3-dimensional experience. Featured at expos and conventions, your booth lets your prospects literally immerse themselves in your product theme using backdrops, lighting, kiosks, large-scale banners, posters and product displays, informational take-aways such as flyers, brochures and catalogs, and even multimedia. Your booth is your best chance to show customers what you’re about in a way that nothing else can.

Package Design

Designed to protect your products in distribution and sell them in the stores, a products’ package design is that final impression that entices people to pick your product up off the shelf and walk away with it. Let GS visual give your product what it needs to close that deal!