Design Process

At GS visual, we work closely with our clients in providing the best design service possible.

Here’s how we do it:

1. We Listen

Without you, we have no projects, so your needs and goals are what we strive to learn above anything else. We listen to understand your objective and, by educating ourselves on your industry, we can create first-rate custom print and web designs that are innovative, effective and will best fit your needs.

2. Game Plan

GS visual maps out each of our projects from start to finish. We provide a project time line, a “needed” list of items that we need to get from you, such as digital logo files, corporate style guidelines (if applicable), and a detailed cost estimate so you can see in black and white exactly what you are getting for your money.

3. Brainstorm and Build

Once you’ve decided to proceed with GS visual, we will immediately begin your project, brainstorming ideas to provide custom design concepts that best fit your project criteria . We then present to you a set of options that we have come up with for your project. Once you have selected the option you feel meets the direction you would like to go, we begin putting it together as final artwork, and, normally 3 rounds of revisions are included in your estimated cost, which allows you to make corrections or slight changes to better suit your vision.

This is consistent regardless of the project, from the building of a simple, informational website to developing a complex ecommerce site, or a straightforward ad or company brochure to a more comprehensive media package. This helps us keep your project on schedule and on budget!

4. Approval

Obviously, any project we do is your project, as well as the money you are putting into them. So it is you who has the final approval on every project. For approval, we provide the final product either via email PDF, online or printed and presented live for you to review.

5. Meticulous Detail

Once approved, it is our passion and obligation to you that we go over your project once again with a fine-toothed comb to ensure absolute top quality and performance of your finished project. Only then is it committed to print or posted live to the web.

6. Delivery

Your final product will be delivered on time and in the format you need, whether it be on disk for you to print yourself, online posted to the web or in completed printed form. It is the commitment of GS visual that your design will get to you having performed well above and beyond your expectations!

GS visual works hard to achieve and maintain excellence in creative graphic design, advertising and marketing strategies; including print, website design and development, and SEO that helps your campaigns perform at optimum levels that reach the audience you’re looking for.