Web and Ecommerce

Our Web and Ecommerce services are all designed to increase your online visibilty and relevance in the eyes of not only the search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo but also in the eyes of your internet traffic. We realize that every client we work with is unique and may not always require all the services listed below.

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Keyword Analysis

SEO Keyword Analysis is the first and mandatory step of any search engine optimization project. Through in-depth interviews with you and our research toolset, we will begin the process of finding:

How your current customers are finding you
How competitive your keywords are
Current volumes and trends associated with your key phrases
Potential “hidden gem” keywords where there is low competition but valuable traffic for your small business

Traffic and Ranking Analysis

For us to help you, we need to look under your covers (hopefully you’re appropriately dressed!) and discover exactly:

Where is your traffic current coming from
Who on the internet thinks you’re important
What’s your current reputation is
Underlying trends in your current traffic patterns
How relevant that traffic is to you Unique Value Proposition
Where do you rank now? Or, are you just rank?

Competitor Research and Analysis

Knowing who you need to beat is equally important as understanding your competitor and will empower us to show you the internet strategies that will propel you past them and into the top rankings at Google, Yahoo and Bing. Using our exclusive tools we will uncover:

Where their strengths are
Where their weaknesses are
Where and how their traffic is finding them
Where you rank against them in you primary keywords
What keywords they currently bid on for their PPC campaigns

Site Architecture Analysis

Does your site belong in the Cash for Clunker program? Our search engine mechanics will put your website in the shop and do a full technical analysis. Doing a thorough investigation will help reveal:

Duplicate content issues
Coding issues that may be causing problems with the search engine bots
Indexing issues that prevent all your pages from getting scanned
Website structure issues that cause Google crawl issues
Broken links and poor internal linking problems

Website Design

If your company’s site does in fact belong in the Cash for Clunkers program we can help remedy that. We have a team of web designers (from site layout to graphic design to CSS layout) that will be dedicated to remolding your old model into a new showroom ready vehicle.

eCommerce Implementation and Launch

Maybe you’d like to compliment your brick and mortar stores and sales team by opening an online store. We can once again take your store from concept to reality by implementing an ecommerce site using either Volusion or Joomla storefront software.

Content Management Systems

SEO is nothing without content and the backbone of any SEO project should be a way to deliver fresh and relevant content to your website. Depending on your platform and business needs we can install and train you on a content management system that will deliver that key SEO objective.

Internal Page Optimization

When a search engine’s automated system (e.g. Google Bot) comes through your website, it will make calculated assumptions about your website. Using their algorithms they will try to determine: who you are, what you are talking about, and what’s important within your website that they should make note of. Internal Page Optimization is your opportunity to shape that conversation with Google, Yahoo and Bing. Without a strategic internal optimization effort, Google Bot and the other bots will simply decide for themselves. Never leave that to chance! You can control it, all you need to do is take control.

Image and Video Optimization

Using images and video is a powerful way to get your message across in today’s internet marketplace. But as with internal page optimization, you need to strategically optimize that media for maximum exposure and relevancy. We know what to do and what not to do with your image media.

PPC Campaign Optimization

Wasting dollars on Pay-Per-Click traffic? Let us help you increase your Google Adwords efficiency that will not only help your Quality Score but greatly reduce your monthly spending. We can also help with Yahoo and Bing PPC campaigns.

Social Media Optimization

Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Digg, StumbleUpon…the list goes on and on. Who’s talking about you and what’s your buzz? We know the ins-and-outs of social media and can help you get started down today’s fast-paced social media outlets.

Directories and Link Building

One of the largest determining ranking factors today is how many QUALITY internet websites think you’re relevant. In reality, a significant portion of your SEO rankings comes down to a voting system. Are there bad links and directories? Absolutely! The difference between a high quality link and a low quality link can propel your website ahead of your competitors or put you on page 100 of Google.

Copywriting and Blogging

And as we said earlier, content is king and SEO is nothing without content. Content done correctly must be engaging and relevant and informative. We can assist or write the content you need to change the perception that your website is solely just an online brochure.